27 February 2010

Waapa things of slot 1

Here are some thing I have made for the show the trial

the cuff of leni's blouse,the back of lenis blouse

the back of skirt and blouse

the side view

and the front view

a part of the big suit for Huld

the actor in the unfinished suit

front view of him in suit

and the process of attaching all the pieces to him.

And I am sure there will be more to come. :)

15 February 2010

The Hats I made last year

First there is the cloche, made from wool felt dyed and shaped by me.

the side
the front

Then there is the fabulous air hostess replica blocked with 20/20 and then covered
I only have one photo at this point.

And thanks to the lovely Emma for modeling.

4 February 2010

some of my wearable art

There is this thing that I take part of every year called montana world of wearable art, it is held in new zealand in september. Check out the site for more info- http://www.worldofwearableart.com this is a 2008 entry Watertextures
this is also a entry from that year called leaf fairy

and don't forget to check my etsy shop

2 February 2010

Introducing Valma Ivy

This was my burlesque graduation with the costumes I made.

this is the Space Hostess
Jacket, skirt and unfinished hat.

The set with the bra and garter belt
the hat finished complete with wig and make up.
and a shot from stage a little tease :)

The shimmy showgirl one piece, this was so much fun to wear you can't help but shimmy and wiggle. :)